New York City Computer Internet Lawyer Attorney Maxine Barasch

Practice Areas:

Computer and Internet Law

Attorney Maxine Barasch assists clients with matters

relating to software, the Internet, and e-commerce. From protecting code of software programs to drafting privacy policies for Web sites, Ms. Barasch can help.


Protecting one's software code and patentable software inventions can be essential to monetizing the owner's work product. Maxine offers:


  • Software Code Copyright Applications
  • Patent Applications Covering Software-Related Inventions
  • Source/Object Code Escrow Agreements


When allowing others to use one's work product, it important to carefully delineate both his/her and the users' rights. Maxine offers:


  • Software License Agreements
  • Terms of Use Agreements
  • Privacy Policies
  • Linking Agreements
  • E-commerce Agreements
  • Web Site Content License Agreements
  • Web Site Hosting Agreements


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New York City Computer Internet Lawyer Attorney Maxine Barasch



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