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In order to obtain a patent, the technology must be new and non-obvious based on what has come before it, i.e. “prior art”.  Therefore, before getting started, it is helpful to search for patents and publications which describe subject matter potentially similar to your idea.  Below are some resources available to assist with searching.  You can also contact Lawyer Maxine Barasch at Keohane & D'Alessandro, PLLC to order a professional patentability search.


United States Patent and Trademark Office:


Google Patent Search:


Another free tool:



Intellectual Property Offices


There are many helpful resources accessible online to get started in understanding basics of intellectual property law.  The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office is the governmental organization in the United States that handles protection of technology and trademarks.  The U.S. Copyright Office deals with the protection of creative works, like books, music, and website code.  There are other offices around the world that deal with aspects of intellectual property protection in various countries and regions.  Some pertinent websites are linked below for your convenience.


United States Patent and Trademark Office:


United States Copyright Office:


World Intellectual Property Organization:





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